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Eagle Title’s Residential Division is comprised of attorneys and professionals with a focus on the consumer and ensuring our clients not only understand the closing transaction, but feel comfortable throughout the process.

The Residential Division handles purchase, refinance, home equity line, and loan modification transactions.  We find that each type of transaction has its own intricacies and demands professionals that can assist the consumers along the way. Eagle Title has been reviewed and verified by the third party service provider, Secure Settlements.

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Step 1

Before a real estate transaction can begin, Eagle Title handles the title verification process of the property that has been listed for sale. This verification ensures the legitimacy of the real estate title, confirming that the seller has the legal authority to sell the property.

Step 2

Following legal verification, Eagle Title then provides title insurance to the property. This insurance provides financial protection to the buyer in the event of home’s defect or if a separate party attempts to make a claim on the property after closing.

Step 3

After title insurance is established for the property, Eagle Title provides a closing service between buyer and seller, thereby finalizing the mortgage purchase.


What is a title and how does it work?

“Title” refers to the legal right for someone to own and use a property. It also refers to the legal documents that show a property’s history of ownership and generally define the property’s boundary lines, as well as how it’s permitted to be used. By some estimates, upwards of 30% of all land titles have defects — meaning ownership may not be clear or there are actions needed to be taken to make it so. Buyers should educate themselves as much as they can about the process before it starts.

What is a clean title?

Having title that’s free of any issues, where you can trace back all previous ownership records is called having “clean title.” It’s a requirement for most sales because it ensures that the home you’re buying will actually be yours.

Why is it important to have a clean title?

Because ownership of a piece of property isn’t easily tracked simply by looking at who lives there (i.e., renters), title helps to make it clear who owns a specific piece of land. These property ownership records are filed with local government offices so that it is clear who is the rightful owner each time the property is bought and sold.

What role does a title company play in the transaction?

The title company plays one of the most important roles in helping facilitate the closing from start to finish. Title agents not only work to make sure the seller has proper ownership of the property they’re selling, clean title,, but they also help the buyer get title insurance to protect them in the event that the title of their home is called into question after the purchase is completed.

Title companies also manage the disbursement of funds, issues can arise due to mistake or fraud and the funds could be put at risk. For example, according to the FBI, nearly $1 billion was diverted or attempted to be diverted from real estate transactions in 2017. These attempts often come through Business Email Compromise scams, where a hacker defrauds the transaction parties through email. Eagle Title uses a secure communications platform that avoids relying heavily on insecure email communications.

Who does a title company work with?

Title company’s work with the lenders, real estate agents, buyers, sellers and all the other transaction participants to make sure the necessary documents get filled out, signed, and filed correctly. In many states, title agents are also directly responsible for ensuring all of the money — which can often represent someone’s life savings — is transferred correctly. A very important step in the process!  

Why is it so important to choose a title company? Who does the choosing?

 Generally, the buyers and sellers defer to their lenders and real estate agents to choose a title agent, as they have likely developed a relationship with a title agent they know and trust.  However a home buyer can choose their own title company and Eagle Title provides many resources for a home buyers to determine the best fit for them and their real estate transaction.

What should I look for in a title company?

Choosing a trustworthy, responsible and reputable title agent is important for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, they’ll be coordinating one of the largest purchases of your life. If they don’t have solid processes or technology in place that enables them to avoid mistakes, your closing can be delayed — or even worse, your purchase may not be done correctly, which would impact your legal rights to the property.

What are some signs of a good title company?

A good title company does two things well: They coordinate the transaction efficiently and they provide remarkable customer service.

There has been heavy investment in technology for lenders and real estate agents for years. However, until recently, there has not been much attention paid to technology that supports the title agent’s — and buyer’s — closing experience. By leveraging modern, cloud-based technology title agents have become much more efficient.

Those that have switched to modern technology are able to easily and securely communicate with their clients, keep them updated in real time about the status of their closing, and avoid unnecessary errors that happen all too frequently when their own internal processes are overly burdensome.

How can I take the stress out of the home buying or refinance process?

Buying a home or refinancing can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Take time to learn some of the vocabulary so you understand what all of the people working with you on your home purchase are doing, and never be afraid to ask questions as they arise. Contact Eagle Title for any questions you may have during  the homebuying process.  We are here to get you across the finish line. 

Buying a home or refinancing can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Take time to learn some of the vocabulary so you understand what all of the people working with you on your home purchase are doing, and never be afraid to ask questions as they arise. Contact Eagle Title for any questions you may have during  the homebuying process.  We are here to get you across the finish line. 




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Eagle Title is hands down the best title company in the area. We have used them for our last 3 real-estate transactions we have had and every time they have been thorough, accommodating and professional the entire process. I would recommend them to any of my friends or family without question.

Tricia KellyAnnapolis, Maryland

Amazing experience and normal fees!! I am a real estate agent & I've been in the business for 20 years and I have to say when I walked into Eagle Title today I was blown away by the professionalism, the friendly service, the accommodations & everything was amazing.

Kim DixsonAnnapolis, Maryland

I have been working with Eagle Title for many years now. They are truly professional and efficient in everything they do. My clients have always provided me with wonderful feedback and how it was a pleasure working with them.

Laura Young-AndersonAnnapolis, Maryland

Love Eagle Title! Couldn't ask for a more professional customer service oriented title company. Extra thanks for staying open late when my clients needed a late settlement.

Elizabeth Robb JanneyAnnapolis, Maryland